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North Mountain Zante

A place with such a beauty is breathtaking. Traditional villages with local gastronomy, overgrown with pines, olives trees and
farms, steep cliffs, precipices up to 200 meters, with blue beaches and caves combining mountain and sea
for altenative tourism all year inside in nature.

Majestic beaches: The famous Shipwreck (Navagio) - Porto Vromi, Makris Gialos, Porto Selinas, Xigia and Limnionas.
Blue sea with white sea sand and pebbles. Tourism with abode, nice food, conducted tour, participation in agricultural works and
cultural events. You can stay in stone villas , apartments and in hotels where are located in area. All the vilages are
traditional which there are escaped from the fury of the earthquake of 1953.


At the village Kiliomenos you can buy traditional products from the women's cooperative, you can do horseback riding
and you can buy jewelry.
At Agios Leontas you will find traditional bread, traditional cheese with olive oil which called '' ladotiri '' and you can swim at Limnionas.

Louxa-Giri, 2 small villages are like a fairytale.

In Louxa you can find tavern with nice food.






In Kampi you can buy honey, aromatic plants, you can eat nice food and you can enjoy the sunset.

At Exo Xora you can visit the church of St. Nicholas with the single belfry, the stone wells, you can eat nice food and drink good wine.
At Maries, the church of Mary Magdalene and swim at Porto Vromi. At Anafonitria the monastery of Mary (mother of Jesus), folk art and swim at Porto Vromi.
At Orthonies, the spas at Xigia, the monastery of Spilaiotisas.



VOLIMES: The Volimes is the capital of North Mountain Zante, the biggest village with services, entertainment,
Health Center - Pharmacy, Citizen Service Center, Soccer Fields, cultural events, taverns, cafes, folk art , accommodations,
stone Villas - activities . At Volimes there is the famous Shipwreck beach (Navagio), the Blue Caves, windmills, and
industry embroidery and woven, the church of St. Paraskevis, the church of St. Dimitros , the monastery of St. George of Krimnon, the bakery with traditional
nuts and cheese pie, the Porto Selinas offered for walk, swimming and climbing. The Volimes has 3 settlements the Megaloni, the Askos
and the Korithi. At Megaloni you can swim at Makris Gialos beach , at Small island (Mikro Nisi) has accommodations and nice food.

Askos: The stone park with the flora and fauna of Zante, food and accommodations. From the port of St Nikolas boats goes to
Shipwreck (Navagio), Blue Caves and Kefalonia.

Korithi: accommodation, food, boats for Shipwreck (Navagio)

and Blue Caves and the Lighthouse of Korithi.

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