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The navagio-zante.com website provides its services to its guests / members by accepting the following Terms of Use on their behalf. Please read them carefully.

Electronic Communications

When you visit navagio-zante.com or send emails, you can contact navagio-zante.com electronically. Therefore you accept the right of navagio-zante.com, accordingly, to contact you electronically. You agree in advance that such electronic communications and the information exchanged through them satisfy the applicable legal requirements and rules regarding the exchange of such communications in written form.


All content on navagio-zante.com, including, but not limited to, texts, graphics, trademarks, images (regardless of attributes), digital files and software, is the sole property of navagio-zante.com or content providers that cooperate with the site, and is protected by Greek and International copyright laws. Any indirect use of the site and its contents for any other business, whether commercial or not, is prohibited without the written consent of Cultural and Development Association '' Antamoma ''.

License and Access to the Website

Cultural and Development Association '' Antamoma '' provides limited access to and use of the navagio-zante.com website to communicate with the company. The visitors of navagio-zante.com retain a limited, revocable, and non-exclusive right to create a hyperlink for the navagio-zante.com home page in their own web site, as long as this hyperlink does not describe the Cultural and Development Association '' Antamoma '', or her services in a fake, misleading, misleading or otherwise unpleasant way. Any unauthorized use interrupts the license or access granted by navagio-zante.com

Limitation of liability for the use of the Site

The navagio-zante.com website is provided by Cultural and Development Association '' Antamoma '' "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE". navagio-zante.com makes no representations or authorizations of any form, expressed or implied, for the information, content and material contained therein. For this reason, users of the site agree to use it at their own risk. Cultural and Development Association '' Antamoma '' does not warrant that the navagio-zante.com website, the servers or the emails sent by navagio-zante.com do not contain viruses or other harmful elements. Cultural and Development Association '' Antamoma '' is not responsible for any kind of damage that may be caused by the use of the site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, accidental, incidental, and consequential damages.

Right to Change

Cultural and Development Association '' Antamoma '' reserves the right to make any changes to the Electronic Page and Terms of Use at any time it deems necessary.

Applicable Law - Disagreements

Visitors to navagio-zante.com automatically agree that these Terms of Use are subject to the laws of the Greek State regarding any dispute that arises between users and the website navagio-zante.com, and consequently the Cultural and Development Association '' Antamoma ''. Any dispute relating in any way to the use of the navagio-zante.com website or to the services provided through it will in the first place be an attempt to resolve it out of court. In the absence of such settlement, disagreements and related issues will be settled in the competent Courts of Athens.

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